Party/wedding menu 2019

Party/wedding menu 2019
Project Description
The menu is served all year round on a buffet table.

Hot buffet:
  • Baked pike perch with fresh herbs crumble, lobster bisque sauce and blue mussels 140g
  • Beef cheeks slowly stewed in bordelaise sauce and garnished with blackcurrant marinated pearl onions 140g
  • Winter white cabbage baked with lemon Dijon mustard sauce and glazed with golden lavender syrup 120g V Potato gratin dauphinois baked with cream and herbs de Provence 180g L;VT
  • Scandinavian salad with new potatoes, mushrooms and green onion sour cream sauce 50g L;VT
  • Black quinoa salad with salmon sashimi, quail eggs and citrus dressing 50g
  • Homemade pickled red cabbage salad with cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and Indian nut sauce 50g V
Cold dishes / fish
  • Salmon salted in lingonberry with horseradish sauce, pancakes and berry syrup pearls 40g G;L
  • Ahi tuna carpaccio marinated in matcha tea with vanilla apple salad and miso gel 40g
  • Herring in homemade mustard sauce with cognac and honey, with egg salad and freshly pickled cucumbers in dill water 40g
Cold dishes / meat
  • Grandmother’s recipe of meat parfait made from brandy and herbs roasted rabbit, with homemade crunchies and redcurrant jelly 40g L
  • Barbeque roast beef with tuna sauce, fried capers and chili and mango caviar 40g
Cold dishes / vegan
  • Mix of French beans and hazelnuts with sesame seeds and lemongrass sauce 40g V
  • Portobello mushrooms marinated with white wine, stuffed with pea puree and garnished with caramelized onions 40g L;VT
  • Slowly stewed multi-colored beets in three different marinades on a green pillow and tangerine slices 40g V
  • Bread station – selection of breads, butter G;L V= vegan, VT=vegetarian L= contains lactose, G= contains gluten

Price for one person 19.70+VAT

Minimum order 30 people.