Party/wedding menu 2019

Party/wedding menu 2019
Project Description

Hot buffet

• Baked pike perch with herbs crumble, lobster bisque sauce and blue mussels 140g

• BBQ pork tenderloin with spicy peach and chili sauce 140g

• Duo of cauliflower marinated with adjika and baked broccoli 120g V

• Fresh boiled potatoes in dill and garlic 180g V


• Black quinoa, salad with sous-vide salmon, quail eggs and citrus dressing 50g

• Potato salad with ham and smoked mayonnaise 50g L

• Green salad with parmesan, strawberries and nettle pesto 50g V

Cold dishes / fish

• Salmon salted in blueberries with mint sauce and daikon salad 40g

• Ahi tuna carpaccio marinated in matcha tea with radish and kohlrabi salad 40g

• Nut cream in waffle cone, smoked cod 25g G

Cold dishes / meat

• BBQ roast beef with compressed cucumbers and gel of sour cream and Põltsamaa mustard 40g L

• Meat parfait with whiskey-honey marinated pear and sugar almonds 40g L

Cold dishes / vegan

• Mix of French beans and hazelnuts with sesame seeds and lemongrass sauce 40g V

• Portobello mushrooms marinated with white wine, stuffed with pea puree and garnished with caramelized onions 40g V

• Caramelized sweet potato with mango sauce and tomato sambal chutney 40g V

• Bread station – selection of breads, butter G;L

V= vegan, VT=vegetarian L= contains lactose, G= contains gluten

Price for one person from 19.70+VAT
Minimum order 30 people.