Canapé reception

Canapé reception
Project Description
Snack menu for a longer reception of 2.5-3 h. The menu is served all year on a fourchette table. Salty snacks, fish:
  • Salmon tartar with mango panna cotta and wasabi caviar 20g
  • Canapé with anchovies tapenade, Andre farm cheese and walnuts 25g
  • Cod liver pâté in ash cone with fresh chives 20 g
  • Beetroot marinated egg with herring butter and garlic cucumber 35g
Salty snacks, meat:
  • Smoked chicken paté with port wine reduction and dried herbs 20g
  • Profiterole with duck liver pâté and blackcurrant chutney 20 g
  • Mini tortilla with chorizo caper cream and fresh dill 25g
  • Arancini with Italian salami and cheese sauce 25g
Salty snacks, vegetarian:
  • Caponata basket with parmesan chips 20g
  • Mini vol-au-vent with goat cheese cream, sundried tomatoes and sprouts 20 g
Sweet snacks:
  • Blueberry cream in chocolate cone with fresh mint 25g
  • Mini red velvet canapé with vanilla cream 25g
  Minimum order 50 people. ASK FOR AN OFFER: Suupiste(gr)