Party/wedding menu

Party/wedding menu
Project Description
The menu is served all year round on a buffet table.  

  • Barbecue pork tenderloin with blackcurrant-red wine sauce 120 g
  • Portobello chicken cooked in low heat 120 g
  • Cod fillet cooked with parmesan and fresh herbs, white wine sauce 120 g
  • Ratatouille with black olives 100 g
  • Oven roasted potatoes with red onion and leek 160g

  • Creamy broccoli and bean salad 60g
  • Traditional potato salad 100 g
  • Fresh green salad with fennel and celery 60g
Fish dishes:  
  • Tuna with herb and red chilli salsa 30g
  • Salmon gravlax marinated with beetroot and horseradish 30g
  • Smoked fish with capers and marinated onions 30g
  • Octopus carpaccio wiht salsa rosso and aioli cream 20g
Meat dishes:  
  • Barbecue beef fillet with red onion chutney 40g
  • Smoked chicken and leek quiche with cheddar cheese 30g
  • Barbecue pork roll with dried plum and cherry sauce 40gg
Vegetarian dishes:  
  • Tomato and buffalo mozzarella with fresh pesto and balsamic cream 50g
  • Salted cucumber 50g
  • Bruschetta with peach, basil honey and goat cheese 30g

Price for one person 19.30+km
Minimum order 30 people.