Barbecue menu/summer days 2019

Barbecue menu/summer days 2019
Project Description
  • Barbecue pork tenderloin with blackcurrant red wine sauce 120 g
  • Grilled salmon with lime and dill 80 g
  • Grilled ribs with house sauce 120 g
  • Fresh vegetable wok 100 g
  • Summer potato with rosemary butter 200 g
  • Baier style potato salad with crusty bacon and capers 75 g
  • Fresh green salad with parmesan and strawberries 75 g (L)
  • Barecue catfish 50 g
  • Lavendel salt and beetroot-horseradish gravlax duo 30 g
  • Cashew cream in a waffle cone with smoked fish 25 g (G, L)
  • Profiterole with duck liver pat+e and red onion chutney 30 g
  • Chicken Yakitori skewers 30 g
  • Roast beef with braised cranberries and king trumpet mushrooms 40 g
Vegetarian and extras:
  • Tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad with fresh pesto 50 g (V)
  • Fresh pickles 50 g (V)
  • Honey-roasted trio of beetroot with lemon vinaigrette and mixed nuts 40 g (V)
  • Fresh bread selection

Price for one person 19.90+VAT
Minimum order 40 people.